Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Drawing conclusions

Our Legacy Mixed Media on paper 594mm x 410mm
Choking Tree Charcaol on paper 420mm x 570mm

Even artwork not created from a preconceived idea or concept still reflect one's perception and experience of reality and life. If someone can think about something I haven't thought of by looking at my art, it has served one of its purposes (even in this I contradict myself, as i do not wish to define purposes for art and therefor limit its impact). I do not wish to merely represent an idea, but to create an opportunity for further thought, interpretation and the creation of something new, even if only a new thought. I do not feel the need to validate and substandtiate everything I create, paint or draw. Or to create the impression that everything i do has a reason or alterior motif. I do not want to pretend to have all kinds of imbued meaning and messages in my work. I am only to represent my own perception, express my own thoughts and thereby - hopefully - inspire the viewer to do the same thing and create their own.