Monday, March 29, 2010

What's been happening?

Janet Botes (yes, me), Elsa Lourens and Philippe Kayumba performing Philippe's 'Newspaper Persona' at the opening of Spier Contemporary 2010 at Cape Town City Hall.

The above works form part of my 'Flotsam' series - inspired by our throwaway culture and disregard for nature, but also the way that nature persists and that there's still natural places of peace and beauty, regardless of human's pollution and disrespect for nature. These works were created by combining images drawn into scraperboard and pieces of driftwood and found wood.

People drawing at the informal and fun art class on Tuesday mornings at White Rabbit Studio in Gardens. There's also an evening class on a Thursday at 18h30, and this class is more focused on formal elements of drawing - such as composition, proportion, tonality and texture. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting workshops to start at the studio soon. You could also join the Facebook group to keep track of updates for events.

And last, but not least - I now have a studio that I will work from and sell my work from! Situated in Woodstock, I am currently moving all my work, work table, materials and display items to the space. Keep your eyes on this blog for photographs and the address!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

is Dada ever going to be seen as it should?

Check out ArtHeat for an interesting review and ensuing debate about the DADA exhibition at the National Art Museum in Cape Town.

Personally I enjoyed the exhibition a lot, but would also love to know more about the curatorial process and how they chose the South African artists for the show. The latter is due to the vast amount and variety of resistance art in our country that were created during the Apartheid years and that could be viewed as similar in concept and motivation to the war-durational Dada movement.