Thursday, February 24, 2011

Giving back, instead of just taking

Please do yourself a favor and read Create Beauty by Jacob Devaney (2004) on

An excerpt:

Have you ever considered giving thanks to the rocks and minerals that have been ground-up, and heated with flame to be soldered to the mother-board of your computer for the sake of transmitting light and information? When considering the impact that our technological world is taking on our natural environment, I feel that it is nothing short of blasphemy to use these tools for anything less than their highest potential. If we are lucky, media may one day live up to it's potential to inspire, delight, educate, and heal our people.

- Jacob Devaney (2004)

De Waal se boom

Tree in De Waal park that caught my attention when I sat there yesterday on my way home from the studio.

Monday, February 21, 2011

All about perception

Dry leaves pinned onto pieces of bark with thorns, in Deer Park, Cape Town.

"Weg in die hoekie waar die spinnerakke
strek tot in die donker stofstilte,
kruip die vergete herinnering weg
totdat jy weer besluit om dit
'n tweede gedagte te skenk"

Hierdie was gekryf terwyl ons op die lughawe gewag het vir 'n vlug Johannesburg toe. Dit bly steeds net so universeel en geskik te alle tye.

We are our past, our present and our future. The choices we made yesterday shapes who we are today. This does not mean that we should be bound by these choices, but that we should accept them and learn from them - being aware of what they mean in our lives, but also being able to move past them towards new things, change and improvement, and accepting that where and who we are today is exactly the right place for each of us. Live fully, proudly and freely, and never lose your authenticity.

My thoughts for a Monday morning....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sustainble Art Workshop

I'll be presenting and facilitating the following workshop at the end of the month if there's enough interest. Please spread the word!

Basic Principles For Eco-Responsible Artmaking

24-25 February (2 days)
At VANSA Western Cape,
8 Spin Street, Cape Town

Free to VANSA members
R650 for non-members

This workshop is aimed at artists who have an interest in working more sustainably, with their impact on the environment a consideration and guidance towards the production and execution of their work.

Some of the topics includes:

* Why care and change?
* Working with chemicals.
* Eco-friendly and biodegradable materials.
* Choosing your wood, charcaol, paper and other wood products.
* Recycled/waste art and crafts.
* Recycling in and outside of your studio.

About the facilitator

Janet Botes is a visual and mixed media artist whose work is inspired by nature, the landscape and environmental issues. She has initiated the Ecojunki movement, and gives art classes on an informal basis at White Rabbit Studio, as well as sessions or gatherings that aim at raising awareness for environmental issues, recycling and conservation. In the production of her own artworks, she uses found objects, non-toxic materials and reuses non-organic waste. She has a B Tech qualification in Graphic Design (cum laude), and has exhibited her art in Johannesburg, Pretoria, the Vaal Triangle and Cape Town.

To register or apply please contact Hope on 021 465 7895 or

More information about VANSA membership