Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Growing, living and learning

"Growing and Living"
Wood and mixed media - my poems and images laser cut and engraved onto discarded wood found in Woodstock and other Cape Town areas.
Variable sizes

the rush of the wind through the leaves
with the sound of your heart underneath
the warmth of the sun on your skin
with the grass growing wildly at your feet

the season changes swiftly in the mountain
while the rock lies peacefully in the stream
and the colours burn orange in the forest
while we drift along in the flurry of life

These were created for the Great Walk and More Arts Festival, hosted by Greatmore Art Studios. The Festival was held on 25 and 26 June in the entire Greatmore Street in Woodstock and featured more than 30 artists, performers, groups and intiatives. I also did a simple performance on the Friday night, carrying two lanterns while dressed in white, and doing movements that enforces concepts or ideas of searching, following the light, finding light in the darkness, and shining a light for other people to follow in order to find their own light. The performance was meant to communicate or inspire 'peace' (a dove's feather was hanging from a rope tied around my waist and neck) and spirituality - whether linked to religion (I was wearing Christian crosses around my neck) or just compassion and respect for all life and life forms.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wake-up Call

We have a neighbourhood duck (one of those beautiful Egyptian geese, I think) who has a bit of an identity crisis. It seems to think that it's a rooster, and every morning with sunrise it sits on a chimney and hoots and calls until we all seem to be awake with a cup of coffee in the hand...

The above quick digital painting was done using a Wacom tablet - those pads with the pens, which makes drawing via a computer screen so much easier!

I was delighted this morning to see a squirrel again too. Just by the way...