Monday, May 30, 2011

My hiatus drawing to a close...

I've been having an incredible time, reviving myself and developing new ideas for future projects. I've met up with amazing people and gave a workshop in self promotion to emerging designers who I can see making a mark in the creative industry in the future. I've developed a new, and sometimes rekindled, appreciation for everything and everyone in the area where I grew up. I've learnt some things about myself, and even more about my relationships. I'm looking forward to go back home after my almost-3-week hiatus and working holiday in Vanderbijlpark, and looking forward even more to start new projects and artworks!
A million thanks go out to all those who played a role in making me feel home again, and contributed towards making the exhibition, the workshop and everything else a memorable experience. You know who you are! I am blessed to have you in my life.

Are they not beautiful?! I absolutely adore donkeys.

On Saturday we went to Kariba Ranch, situated on the edge of the Klipriver at Vereeniging or Glen Donald, in Donald Road. REALLY worth a visit if you're in the area. Check out their website:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Driving into the smog

On my way from Pretoria back to Vanderbijlpark today I took some photographs of this bank of smog - visible air pollution hanging over the Vaal Triangle.

"The Vaal Triangle and surrounding areas has been declared a national air pollution hotspot (or priority area) in terms of Section 18 (1) of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act 2004 (Act No. 39 of 2004) (AQA). This area is known as the “Vaal Triangle Airshed Priority Area”"

...and on a lighter note - this is one of those happy photographic mistakes - This bit of a blurry shot from the car was perfect for a bit of minor post-ed additions (darker edges, added grain and round corners) to produce a retro landscape image of a piece of veld close to Meyerton.

Autumn leaves on a gallery floor

I've been away from home for more than a week now. I miss home - the mountain, the ocean, the leaves in the tree in the garden, the mew of our cat and the comfort of our own little nest. However, I am also really enjoying being where I grew up - among familiar sounds, smells and views. I feel refreshed and happy, and grateful for EVERYTHING that I've experienced, and what I have in my life. I am still and again in love with my husband, I adore my family, and I feel inspired and creative - ready to jump into the new projects that I've been planning.

Die straat waarin my ouerhuis is, met geel herfsgeklede bome.

And now... here's some photographs from the Scrapes and Scapes exhibition - the main reason for me being in Vanderbijlpark:

For even more photographs and information, view:
Photographs by Linda du Preez from the Visual Arts Department at the Vaal University of Technology
Photographs by Mark Shaun Hopkins, my talented fellow exhibiting artist and friend
Photographs in my website gallery

Monday, May 9, 2011

Two different perspectives

With a view over mountains and sea
One day with peace and tranquility
The next day with storm and wind

Near the foot of Africa
And part of the Sun Path of our ancestors
With age-old rocks around the sands of time

Here we find peace and truth
Here we can find ourselves.

Kalk Bay, 2011

Leaves on a table within my studio. Hidden underneath a roof. Captured within 4 walls. Contained within the control of my hands, my will, my ego. Control. Fear. Anger. Despair. We all long to feel connected again. Leaves plucked from a tree - death, decay and renewal.