Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Siklus: ritme in dood en groei

This is the artwork that I created and finished for the Hiernamaals | Hereafter exhibition at Slee Gallery, Stellenbosch. It will be on exhibit from 1-10 March 2013, don't miss it! For more information about the exhibition, view this blog post, the Facebook event page or the Site_Specific website

Siklus: ritme in dood en groei

Artist's Statement/ Description: 
There exists a complex and intricate balance and rhythm in death and growth - the process of death, decay and rejuvenation. Decayed matter in nature gives sustenance and feeds new growth, in nature there is no 'waste'. In this artwork natural materials, objects, organisms are used in juxtaposition with man-made and discarded/found material - the latter perceived as 'waste' by the general public, but as a source or substrate for creation for artists like us. The bronze/golden thread that helps to tie and entwine it together, holding the depicted process together, aims to evoke the image of the proverbial heavenly golden streets, and a spider's web. These hinting at the beauty, perfection and holiness - sacredness - of natural processes of life, death, decay and regrowth. 

Medium: Natural & Found material assemblage 2013
Dimensions: 350 x 380 x 75mm'
Year: 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

Find your Song

The music is louder and clearer 
to some of us than for others. 
Some people have a drumbeat 
that their life bounces to, 
while others people's days 
are entangled 
as the strings of a broken harp, 
or flowing 
on the throaty tune of a wooden flute. 

We each have a rhythm, 
a song, a spirit song. 
Open your ears, 
open your heart, 
open your mind 
to the notes, 
beat or melody 
of your call to dance."

Janet Botes, February 2013

This poem was written during a writing course that I've been taking, called "Write On". I strongly recommend this course, these sessions have been very inspiring and uplifting! The confidence that I'm developing in my writing is flowing over to my visual art too, so I'm endlessly grateful to Amy's (as the facilitator) encouragement and guidance. Here's the info for Write On:

Write On
Because Everyone Has a Story to Tell. Workshops, Groups & Courses in Unblocking Creativity, Self Expression & Finding Your Voice through Writing. Based in Cape Town, South Africa. Contact us at writeonsouthafrica@gmail.com