Saturday, December 14, 2013

Greetings till next month!

I will be off the radar and offline for the festive season, so I leave you with these wishes:

May the time ahead be a time of reflection and gratitude
May your life be filled with special shared moments with family
I hope you realize that the true spirit of Christmas
is in love and compassion, in sharing and in nurturing hope
A Spirit of joy and finding beauty in everything
A Spirit of being grateful for everything we have and are able
to experience right now, in the present, without worrying about the future
A Spirit of trust that everything happens for a reason
and that everything that happened this year has made you stronger
and better equipped to meet the challenges that 2014 will bring.
May the festive season be a reminder that life is not about the
hard-earned money and the gifts we buy with them, but it's
about the time we can share with those we love,
sharing gifts of peace, love and togetherness.
Have a wonderful Christmas and may you make beautiful memories
with the moments you choose to experience and share!

I will be back in the studio on 14 January 2014