Sunday, January 31, 2010

Inked art

On 19 January 2010 the Southern Ink Xposure Tattoo convention held at the CTICC in Cape Town kicked off with an exhibition of heart sculptures and other artwork inspired by tattoo-art at the VANSA Spin Space at 8 Spin Street in Cape Town.

On the left is Claire, whom I met briefly at the exhibition (and at Wessel Snyman Creative later again!), and on the right one of the exhibited artworks, this one by the infamous Conrad Botes (we're not related, by the way - I have been asked before).

Sculptured hearts were decorated or modified by a selection of local artists and sold in a silent auction (where you write your name/bid on a piece of paper right next to the artwork instead of bidding 'live' and loud for the piece in demand).


Another exhibition of note is currently showing at the newly launched Wessel Snyman Creative at 17 Bree street. Dominique Benton also uses ink in her work, in a detailed illustrative style, with a somewhat more challenging or unconventional subject matter that involves human genitalia. If you want to know more - ask the artist or Wessel Snyman. Or just go look for yourself!

If you've been reading or following my blog for a while, you will recognize Wessel's name. I've done two reviews about his own art exhibitions in 2009 - Weifeling and The Birds. He has opened Wessel Snyman Creative in Bree Street in Cape Town, and is planning great things for this new creative space. Be sure to pop in or join the Facebook group!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Great opportunity for exploring your creative self

If you're in Cape Town and looking for a course that will free you up and allow you to express yourself through art, then contact Taryn James. She will be offering a course in February that is facillitated in the ASTAR (Awakening Spirit Through Art) approach developed by Lindy Solomon.

In Taryn's words:

"The course is designed for beginners (with relentless inner critics) who are greedy for art making , artists wanting to get 'unstuck' (with relentless inner critics), people wanting to just play and practice being in the moment... In my experience, the ASTAR classes have become for many, 'a way in' to find the 'way through' - a way to engage with their inner process and articulate their journey in mark making.

I'm starting a six week course in February with weekly three hour sessions at R150 per session. 50% of total cost willl secure your place, with the balance due at end Feb.
MORNING CLASS: Thursdays 9-12 from 4th Feb to 11th March
EVENING CLASS: Tuesday 6pm to 9pm from 2nd February to 9 March

Missed sessions unfortunately can't be refunded but, if it's possible for you to do so, you will be very welcome to make up a session in the other class."

Contact Taryn on 082 849 6761

"The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be
wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself. "Alan Alda

Thursday, January 28, 2010

20/20 at VANSA

I gave a presentation tonight at VANSA's 20/20 session - it's a regular networking opportunity for artists from various disciplines, hosted by the Visual Arts Network of South Africa (yes, VANSA). It went well and the other presenters had really interesting work and presentations to share. I stuttered a bit and I realised that I might still be a little bit too unfocused in my art, which would explain why I'm not making money and not really progressing much! In my own opinion...

Wanna join on Friday night?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Don't miss these!

One day, all of this will be yours

presented by blank projects in partnership with the Goethe-Institut Südafrika & Pro Helvetia
21 January - 26 February 2010

blank projects, 113-115 sir lowry rd, woodstock, cape town
jonathan garnham *27(0)72 198 9221 | pierre fouche *27(0)72 507 5951
Gallery opening hours: Tue - Fri: 10:00 -15:00

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And of course the first 20/20 session for 2010 at VANSA!
I'll be doing a presentation and showing some of my work.

For more information, see VANSA's website

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Design and a commission

You may have been wondering what on earth I've been up to. As usual, I've been busy with more than one thing, struggling to find my focus in the chaos that I call my working life. But I also took a wonderful break from things for the festive season and feel refreshed, enthusiastic and optimistic about the year ahead. An update about some of the things happening at the moment are as follows:

1. I have finished my commissioned A0 (1088 x 840mm) size painting for Optima Training in Pretoria. I did it in mixed media (of course) including acrylic, pastels, bits of cut paper, Mendal 90 and stone shavings. The actual composition and content was presented in a digital presentation before I started painting, with the globe representing Optima's global vision and the different colours reflecting their corporate colours that fit in with every division or aspect of the business, their objectives and activities in South Africa as well as many other countries.

2. I am currently busy reworking and changing the illustrative logo design for the Heart Space Community Centre. The initial version was the following, but will be changed within the next week or two.

3. Ecojunki - have a look at the beginnings of the website! I am currently meeting up with people who create rescycled art, and also creating a range of my own for ecojunki. Plurge, the poster publication with eco-focused illustration & photography, is also still in the pipeline, and the following illustrations are part of the new identity (of which the branding side is being overseen by CommArt):

4. Butterspider - if you don't already know about it, my sister and I are teaming up as freelance team offering writing, editing, design and illustration services. We're currently trying to decide on our logo:

For a more visible, bigger version go here and also feel free to contact me with your opinion and thoughts! Our first two projects are logo designs for Write to the Point and EcoDoc Africa. Some of the options that we created are shown here, although we're still in the production process.

Copyright Butterspider 2009

Copyright Butterspider 2009

5. I am starting to work on the conceptual basis for my first solo exhibition, as well as working on new work to be exhibited as part of this exhibition entitled 'Scapes' or 'Land(scapes]'.