Sunday, February 26, 2012

Two poems, two languages

Gister verby
'n tyd van hartseer
sonskyn weer terug
in 'n tyd van vreugde

Die klank van 'n lied
wat deur my hart gehoor word
na die stilte van twyfel,
van misverstaan en wanhoop

Gister verby
die illusie van rykdom
in 'n wêreld waar rykwees
kom vanuit binne

Trippeltrap deur
die skuim op die sand. 
'n Nuwe hoop en glo en verstaan...

Gister verby
Kyk nie na more
want vandag gee genoeg
 in vreugde en geloof vir gister, vandag en more.


 I remember
red sand dunes
the sunbaked wind
reading in the tree and 
the tracks of a toktokkie

I miss
thunderstorms on the low veld
running carefree through forest
finding hidden waterfalls and 
having a treemade cave

I think 
back and smile
at what was
and what I gained from it

I wish
I can share
and express
and prove
and communicate
what it is that I believe, trust and 

I feel
the rush of the wind
as I run through the spray
the water drops flying up to kiss my skin

The humming rhythm of the seasons
reflecting time and memory
The touch of energy
breath of life
and taste of freedom, found...

I remember. I feel.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

re:SOURCE group exhibition at, on show from 25 February

Re:SOURCE - in theme, essence and medium

In theme: The artworks for re:SOURCE was selected due to the impression that their creation came from a deep, authentic, original source or core. Not merely a study in light, pattern, colour or composition, it almost seems to offer a glimpse at a metaphysical source of life, energy, force or passion. On another level some of the works also refer to the depletion of resources through human over-consumption.

In medium: Some of the works also make use of a foundation being worked into or added to, a layering which obscures the material ‘source’. 

In essence: Essentially re:SOURCE links back to the earth through each artwork. A resource in its essence is food and minerals from the earth. The food nourishes, the minerals are utilized in making the materials used to express our feelings and ideas in art form.  

 Three of the participating artists, from left: 
Janet Ranson, Sam Brown, and Gary Frier 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Help me gift 100 trees for Zambia & stand the chance to win an artwork!

Let's buy a 100 trees for the TREES FOR ZAMBIA project together! Every tree counts. 
GIFT A TREE and stand the chance to win 
an original and NEW artwork of a tree by me, worth more than R1500.

Trees cost R120 each or $15.

More about the TREES FOR ZAMBIA project:

For three weeks July 2012, Greenpop is hosting an exciting reforestation project in Livingstone, Zambia; the country with the second highest deforestation rate in the world. Between 5000 and 10 000 indigenous and fruit trees will be planted within the Victoria Falls World Heritage Site, Dambwa Forest, and at schools around Livingstone. Workshops about sustainable living and conservation will be facilitated at schools and with local farmers - this being the start of an ongoing campaign to make Livingstone a greener and more sustainable environment.

GIFT YOUR TREE NOW and be a part of this amazing project!

The lucky draw for the artwork will take place on 30 April 2012 at noon (GMT +2, Pretoria/South Africa time), the winner notified by email and announced on this blog.  Photographs of the artwork to be won will be posted as soon as it is completed. But don't waste any time - gift your tree now!