Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dreams inspire and guide

The above two small watercolour sketches are already a bit old, but it's always good to look back at what you've been doing a few months ago, as it gives you perception into where you're going and how far you might have come already.

Thanks to the Concept Development workshop by Kai Lossgott at VANSA earlier this month I have started to develop good, sustainable and easy-to-follow methods and habits that's already proving to work. I'm creating and producing new works, and also working on some projects that are more focused around action rather than merely creating an artwork. New artworks will be exhibited in May in Vanderbijlpark, after which I will add them onto my website. I'm also still expanding the Nuances series, which are becoming quite popular at the moment, I am happy to say!

As 'n klein voorsmakie vir Meimaand se uitstalling: die werke - gemengde media werke, drukke, tekeninge, skilderwerke asook 'n uitvoerstuk en installasiewerk - vorm deel van die Scapes projek, wat fokus op die landskap en menslike interaksie daarmee. Vir Scapes & Scrapes, wat in Bodutu Gallery by die Vaal Universiteit van Tegnologie uitgestal word, word teenstellings getref tussen ongeskende landskappe en natuurlewe teenoor areas waar besoedeling en omgewingsbeskadiging plaasvind. In laasgenoemde is die fokus op die manier wat die landskap geskend word en die gesondheid van minderbevoorregte gemeenskappe benadeel word vir die finasiƫle baat van 'n selektiewe groepie oor-bevoorregte mense.

This really caught my attention in my reading list on Blogger this morning. Read more about a story that will unfurl about this bird's journey or travels on the Resurrection Fern's blog.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nature and human influence

Left: "Soil Circles", pine needles with circles showing the underlying soil, at Deer Park, Cape Town. Exhibited as limited edition photographic print on cotton paper, 2011. Right: "Kinship", or "Tussenbeide", Mixed media on paper, approx. 74 x 50cm, 2011.

Two of the works that will be exhibited at HumanEarth.2:Re(-)Presentations at the Botanical Gardens Gallery at North West University (NWU), opening on 6 April and running until 2 May 2011.'View the exhibition invitation

Friday, March 11, 2011

Voel en Vertrou

I'm currently partaking in a workshop called In Focus, hosted by VANSA, which focuses on concept development for artists. I'ts presented, facilitated and driven by visual artist and poet Kai Lossgott and even though today was only the second day of the 5-day workshop, I already feel that I've gained a lot from it. The focus, chance and encouragement to really delve into my subconscious for new themes and concepts about... myself. Something I haven't really done in quite a bit of time. Since I've been focusing so much on themes and concepts around nature conservation, or even just inspired by nature's beauty, I've been ignoring and even suppressing personal themes or 'issues'. This could easily be seen as me only being 'half' of an artist, since an artist's biggest source of inspiration is and should be personal experience and the self as source. This is authentic, and gives your art that honesty and uniqueness that makes the viewer really LOOK at your art, wanting to know more. Because you've put in your heart, soul and passion into a piece...

I feel peaceful, and also excited.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Silence is golden...

...because in my case it means that I'm busy! And happily so. Even though my heart is racing a bit quicker every time I think about all the things I am supposed to be doing and getting done!

But rather than reading about me sharing all my anxieties and never-ending to-do-list with you, please take a minute or two to look at some of my latest photographs from my Pentax SLR (FILM!) camera and still-relatively-new Holga camera from Exposure Gallery (also film, and unfortunately I managed to underexpose quite a couple of photos on the 2 latest film rolls... but every new film is a new learning and experiencing opportunity, so I'm not complaining!).

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Greatmore Studios, Cape Town, 2 – 16 April 2011
Closing date for applications: 7th March 2011

Thupelo Workshop for Printmakers
WORKSHOP DATES: 2 to 16 April 2011
DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 7th March 2011 (12:00pm)

Established printmakers are invited to apply for the Thupelo Workshop 2011 which will be held at Greatmore Art Studios, Woodstock, Cape Town.

The workshop:

  • will focus on oil and water based proof prints using woodcuts, lino cuts, mono prints, silkscreen, dry point and collagraph
  • will include up to 20 artists all with experience in various print making practices
  • will provide an environment for experimentation, the exchange of ideas and skills and the encouragement to expand one’s own practice

Applicants need to commit to working all day, everyday.

The workshop will:

  • provide basic materials but artists should also bring their own rollers, cutting tools, pegs, aprons, ideas and any other special requirements
  • provide shared accommodation for up to 6 people on a first come first serve basis
  • serve lunch daily
  • offer a small budget for local transport
  • end with an exhibition including a catalogue

The two week workshop will end with an open day exhibition on the15th and 16th of April 2011 at Greatmore Art Studios.

To download the application form, go here: