Friday, September 30, 2011

Nuances: a story unfolds

My Nuances series is featured in the fall issue of! About Sea Stories:

Sea Stories is Blue Ocean Institute’s quarterly online journal of international ocean writing and art.  Our mission is to nurture curiosity, creativity, and concern about the world’s oceans through literary and artistic expression.
Check it out...

Sketchpad explorations

Ink and naartjie rind/peel - yes, the yellow has been achieved by cooking the peels from a few naartjies on high heat for about 15 minutes, and then painting with my fingers when it has cooled down.

Mud, plastic, and a society wanting to move away from fossil fuels

On 24 September people from across the globe collaborated in Moving Planet, hosting over 2000 events in over 170 countries. We were part of this day of action, and these are some photos of things we created - mud-stencils and a tree-trolley float for the Cape Town Moving Planet parade! For more images, videos and info about Moving Planet and the drive towards lower carbon emissions, go to and

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Recent random sketches

Amped and happy to be busy

Silence sometimes means productivity in my world - not doing updates on my blogs, not doing anything on Facebook, not surfing the net for 'inspiration' and not reading endless blog posts about art = more time actually creating new work, participating in projects and basically being physically and actively creative in the "real" world.

Anyway, so I've been brushing up on some of my skills, working on the preparations and promotion of MOVING PLANET Cape Town, planning a new exhibition and continuation of my Scapes project, attended/participated in the Out the Box Festival and started making some recycled art pieces (photo's to be uploaded soon - watch this space!). I've also been cleaning out my head- and physical spaces, spending time with loved ones, and I attended a workshop in chalk pastel-making which forms part of Karen Suskin's latest art project.

This is just one of the things that we can do with plastic bags! Left is the basket of my electric bicycle, and right is part of the tree float's base that was built for Moving Planet.

Please help spread the word about MOVING PLANET, happening on Heritage Day - 24 September 2011. In Cape Town were meeting at 10h30 at the Train Station Forecourt and then parade, walk, skate, cycle, jump, run, dance and MOVE as a large procession through the city to raise awareness about carbon emissions and ways that we can help curb global warming. You'll find some visuals, printables and things to share with all the people you know here: